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The TRUE Cloud brings TRUE’s award winning, AI-powered, on-premises document-to-data capabilities to the cloud.


As with all TRUE technology, the TRUE Cloud is designed to operate within the lending lifecycle, by ensuring that document manufacturing is achieved with the speed and accuracy of machines, and intelligently automating mortgage workflows while assisting lending professionals with the power of AI. Early adopters of the TRUE Cloud state experiencing much easier deployment and significantly reduced effort than managing the implementation on their own.  

These capabilities and benefits help lenders make decisions more rapidly, without sacrificing quality, while reducing operating costs.  

Lenders who select the TRUE Cloud can also expect the following capabilities: 

  • TRUE’s Industry proven, and AI powered document indexing, versioning, data extraction, and QC technology 
  • A robust application programable interface (API), designed for seamless integration  
  • Certified connectors to leading LOS platforms, such as Encompass® by ICE Mortgage Technology® 
  • State of the art cloud management services including auto redundancy and recovery 
  • Continuous vulnerability assessment and management, data protection, and cloud security 
  • Mature cloud governance processes, designed to ensure seamless application deployments 


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